News / 2003 World Pump Article

Turbodesign-1: Next generation design software for pumps.

Using the inverse design approach in the design of pumps allows the shape of components such as impeller blades to be computed for a given pressure distribution or blade loading. 

The latest 3D inverse design codes are a significant advance on earlier methods as they are able to take account of 3D flow effects, which dominate centrifugal and mixed flow pumps. 

Here, M. Zangeneh and A. Goto, Directors at ADT outline the application of TURBOdesign-1 to pump components.

Two examples are used to illustrate how a designer can use their fluid dynamics insight to improve the design of pump components. 

To conclude the article they discuss the issues related to data export and manufacturing.

To read more please download the full article first published in February 2003 in the World Pumps Magazine.