News / Issue of Version 2.2 of TURBOdesign-1

Advanced Design Technology, the global leader in turbomachinery blade design methodology based on inverse design approach, has released version 2.2 of its TURBOdesign-1 Turbomachinery blade design software. The latest release of TURBOdesign1 includes a a script version which can be coupled with any in-house or commercial automatic optimization codes. Coupling TURBOdesign-1, which is based on a 3D inverse design approach, with automatic optimizers can help to speed up the convergence of 3D turbomachinery aerodynamic optimization because;

* TURBOdesign-1 can generate smooth 3D blades with as few as 8 control points
* TURBOdesign-1 implicitly ensures designs with fixed specific work and mass flow rate.
* In TURBOdesign-1 the design parameter is blade loading which more directly relates to the 3D pressure distribution and the flow field. This helps to accelerate the convergence of the optimization process.
* The results of optimization is an optimum loading distribution that is general and can be used with ease in TURBOdesign-1 to design similar machines with optimum performance.

TURBOdesign1 is already being used by some of the leading turbomachinery manufacturers such as Avio Group of Italy, Toshiba Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industry, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries and Aisin AW of Japan. Application of TURBOdesign-1 to variety of turbomachines from Aeroengine LP Turbines to torque converters and Aerospace turbopumps has lead to many breakthrough in designs, performance improvements and reductions in development times.

According to Prof. Mehrdad Zangeneh, Executive Director of Advanced Design Technology, "Many customers of ADT had already attempted to use automatic optimization by using the direct approach in which the blade shape is represented by some of form of control point. However, they have found this approach is very difficult to use in practice for 3D aerodynamic optimization." Version 2.2 of TURBOdesign-1 is designed to make 3D turbomachinery blade optimization a reality. This should be helped further by the recent agreement between Engineous software of US and Advanced Design Technology to collaborate on improving the interface between TURBOdesign-1 and iSIGHT commercial optimization package.

TURBOdesign1 V2.2 is available on LINUX (script version only) and Windows platforms. It is provided at no additional cost to all current TURBOdesign1 customers. License fees are determined by the type of processes that a user requires. If you would like to register for a web demonstration of TURBOdesign1 visit our website.