News / Pump and Fan Design Workshop, London, 3-4 April 2006.


Advanced Design Technology (ADT) The global leader in advanced turbomachinery design codes are pleased to announce a two day aero/hydro-dynamic design training workshop for incompressible flow turbomachinery applications, such as Pumps and Fans.

ADT will introduce the inverse design process and compare the benefits over conventional design methods. The workshop will enable the participants to apply the unique features of TURBOdesign-1 3D inverse design code, coupled with TURBOcfd in the Aerodynamic and Hydrodynamic design of their own specific blade row under the supervision of ADTís experienced design staff.

Unique features of the Workshop.

ï Two day design workshop on design of pumps and fan

ï Introduction and use of TURBOdesign-1, a unique 3D inverse design code for all Turbomachinery

ï Introduction and use of TURBOcfd, a full CFD solver developed for the application to incompressible Turbomachinery flows such as Pumps and Fans.

ï Training for the design and analysis of your own specific blade row, by ADTís experienced team. 

- In the case of pumps, design guidelines will be provided on improving efficiency and cavitation performance.

- In the case of fans, design guidelines will be provided on improving efficiency and broadband noise. 

ï Free 60 day in-house evaluation of both TURBOdesign-1 and TURBOcfd, which includes full technical support via web, telephone, etc.

Who should Attend?

The workshop will be held on the 3rd and 4th April 2006 at the Radisson Grafton Hotel which is situated in Central London. Included in the price is a free 60 day evaluation of both TURBOdesign-1 and TURBOcfd. The workshop is aimed at designers in the Pump and Fan industries who are interested to explore the considerable potential of 3D inverse design methods coupled with the ease of use features of TURBOcfd.

Registration and Fee.

There is a nominal fee for the two day workshop which includes beverages, lunch and a workshop dinner as well as the 60 day trial license for both codes. Registration for this unique event is easy, please use the fax back form attached to the workshop leaflet, alternatively contact ADT via email info@adtechnology.co.uk or Telephone + 44 (0) 20 7907 4715. 

For further information and a copy of the registration and faxback form, please download the Pump and Fan workshop leaflet.

PLEASE NOTE REGISTRATION SHOULD BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN 1st OF MARCH 2006. - See more at: http://www.adtechnology.co.uk/news/pump-and-fan-design-workshop#sthash.a...