News / TURBOdesign Suite to be showcased at FanNoise 2007

Advanced Design Technology is delighted to be showcasing its TURBOdesign Suiteof blade design software at the third international FanNoise 2007 Conference in Lyon on 17 - 19 September. 

ADT’s TURBOdesign Suite provides fan designers with multiple advantages when it comes to noise reduction. Ease of use in the design process, coupled with the ability to explore large parts of design space and analyse and verify aerodynamic flowfield noise levels, has enabled our customers to achieve significant improvements in noise of up to 7 db in fan applications while at the same time improving performance. Furthermore, since TURBOdesign Suite saves valuable design time, you and your company are able to produce quality products while reducing time-to-market. 

Please contact us at sales@adtechnology.co.uk to arrange a demonstration of our unique 3D design and analysis codes during the conference and expo, or drop by and visit us at Booth number 7.